A new play by Sandy Truman.

Laurence, happily married to Samantha, starts to notice that he’s getting one grey hair too many and is beginning to pant when he climbs the stairs. His solution is to rejuvenate himself through the charms of a younger woman, but now there are four in the marriage - and one of them is the murderous moggy Biggles!


As Laurence copes with all the problems his new life throws up, including endless hours at the gym getting a six-pack, Samantha is left to grapple with his betrayal and her own renewal.


‘Who Gets the Cat?’ explores, with humour, the problems facing those in the third age, and the impact on family and friends.



Laurence: Theatre Director - a man of middle years

Samantha: Laurence’s wife - similar age

Edward: Laurence and Samantha’s son. A teacher - 30s

Zoe: Laurence and Samantha’s daughter. Between jobs - similar age

Heather: Laurence and Samantha’s friend - a woman of middle years

Bob: Laurence and Samantha’s next-door neighbour - a man of middle years

Bella: An actress - 20s


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Who Gets The Cat?


Available in November 2019:

The Fall and Rise of Gordon Grimshaw

A new play by Sandy Truman

Gordon and Marion are downsizing from Bagshot to Finchurch-on-Sea. Gordon has been forced to leave his job, his beloved bowls club and all their comfortable oversized furniture in order to embrace long walks by the sea and constant togetherness with his wife, in the quiet autumn of their lives.


Marion wants him to lose weight, his trophies are consigned to the cupboard under the stairs, and he thinks his life is over.


But he hasn’t reckoned on their bizarre new neighbours; kamikaze seagulls; brushes with the long arm of the law; half-marathons and getting reeled into amateur dramatics!


Out of this chaos, and the ruins of his old life, comes new beginnings, new opportunities and new friends - maybe even a new career!



Gordon Grimshaw – a man of middle years

Marion Grimshaw - his wife, similar age

Gina Richards – an amateur actress who lives opposite, in her 40s

Tony Richards – her husband, a second-hand car dealer, similar age

Joy Parker – The Grimshaw’s next door neighbour

Millicent Burton - Joy’s sister

Danny Duggan – The Grimshaw’s next door neighbour on the other side.

Sam Duggan – Danny’s partner, similar age, same gender.

Detective Inspector Stone

Detective Sergeant Riddle

Danny and Sam are the same gender, male or female.

The police, who could also be either gender, can be doubled with Danny and Sam if required.


Read an extract of the script here


Please note that this script is currently in production and may be subject to minor changes.